Vermont Maple Open House Weekend!

Maple SyrupThis annual event is a chance to step into a local sugar house and see the sugar makers at work! If you’re visiting Vermont or just watching your friends and neighbors at work, see how syrup is made from start to finish, sap to syrup!

Some sugar houses are open daily for sight see-ers and curious people alike, but this one weekend each sugar season even more sugar makers open their doors to show the public how our favorite Vermont specialty is created.

Each sugar maker does everything a little different. You might get to see older, traditional taps at work, while collecting buckets by hand, or the more present day method of sap lines and tubing that bring the sap right to the sugar house. Wood fired, oil fired, and different styled evaporators. Everyone’s syrup is held to the same standard though, and it should all taste delicious! There’s nothing better than hot syrup straight out of the evaporator.

Here are some great ideas for the weekend:

Take a snowshoe through some tap lines

Make sure you have some sugar on snow, paired wish a fresh doughnut and that good ol’ dill pickle to cut the sweetness

Try a maple hard boiled egg, or even a hot dog (They boil both in sap to give them that little bit of sweetness)

2014 Maple Open House Weekend

If you can’t make it to Vermont for this fun filled weekend you can order some Vermont Maple Syrup online and enjoy at home!

Boyden Valley Glogg

Need Something to Warm You Up?

Itgloggphotobig‘s been such a cold winter this year, Boyden Valley Glogg is sure to warm you up.
Glogg is a mulled spice wine that is great served warm in a mug. I was hesitant
at first to try this, but I’ve been obsessed ever since my first taste. After
getting home from a long cold day I warm a mug and sit and relax. We also
carry many other varieties from Boyden Valley like Big Barn Red, Riverbend Red,
Cowtipper, Cranberry, Gold Leaf and more.
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Citra Mantra Man!

Brand new from Otter Creek!

Citra Mantra is Otter Creek’s new spring offering, with a little lemon zest all I could think of as I was trying my first bottle was SUMMER! Although we might have a few months left of winter this is sure to get you in the mood for some warmer weather! It has a nice crisp clean taste leaving you wanting more! Come grab yourself a bottle or even a six pack.

We have some really great beer and wine gift baskets online and in our store, Citra Montra would make a great addition to any basket!

Citra Mantra

BYOB Bring your own bag and raise money for local charities!

We are proud to introduce our new BYOB program!


In an effort to keep bags out of the landfill we have started this new program. Our hope is that our local customers will bring their own re-usable bags when they come to shop. Every time a customer brings their own shopping bag we will donate 5 cents to a local charity. We will also donate 5 cents when a customer chooses not to take a bag. Click here to read more about our community involvement.

Santa at Stowe Mercantile raises over $2,000 for Lamoille Community Food Share

Once again this Christmas Season, Stowe Mercantile hosted a Saturday visit from Santa for area families. This event also serves as a much needed fundraiser for Lamoille Area Food Share.  With help from Stowe Vibrancy and Paul Percy, Santa made his way down Main Street on a hay wagon along with his number one Elf and a trove of hearty carolers.  Once Santa arrived at Stowe Mercantile, over 200 youngsters and a few young at heart enthusiasts came by to sit on Santa’s lap.  For every person that visited Santa, Stowe Mercantile donated $10.00 in that person’s name and with over 200 visitors, we raised $2,130.00!  Thank you to everyone that helped make this so successful this year and special thanks to Santa!

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Read more about our community involvement at

Just in Rex’s Road Crew Crunch Lover’s Lane

Rex’s Road Crew Crunch now offers a Valentine’s Day Mix!

“Bring back the days of cruisin’ with your sweetie to Lovers’ Lane with the taste of Cherry Chapstick® on your lips!
Sweet dark chocolate, tart cherries and crunchy roasted almonds are the base for this outrageous snack

– don’t let your sweetheart know it, but you may have a new love!” ~Rex

Get it while supplies last!

Lovers Lane

Vermont Valentines Gift Baskets!

Give your sweetheart a sweet gift from Vermont this year!

We have everything you need to find the perfect gift of special Vermont favorites, Champagne, Wine, Chocolates, Bath and Body and more!

Stop by the store and we can make up something custom or check out our selection of gifts online!

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