Stowe Mercantile Employee Pet of the Month: Scarlett



Name: Scarlett                                                                      Age: Approx. 10

Breed: Basset Hound                                                          Hometown: Stowe

Employee Companion: Ronny Stelly

Favorite Playmate: Brady Maynard – Cavalier King Charles


Scarlett and Brady

Scarlett is a rescue dog from Ronny’s hometown of Goliad, Texas. Upon rescue, she was padlocked to a tree and malnourished, weighing only 20 pounds. In addition to being 40 pounds underweight, she had mastitis, heart worms and hook worms. Oh by the way, she’d just given birth to a full litter of pups. The physiological ailments were just as troublesome as the psychological issues. Scarlett was dog aggressive and overly protective of her food, hiding it around the house for the first couple of months. Fast-forward 7 years and you would never think she’s the same dog. Greet Scarlett at any time and you’ve just volunteered yourself for a belly-rubbing session. If you decide belly-rubs aren’t your thing, she’ll be sure to let you know just how wrong you are. Scarlett is deeply interested in the sound of the ambulance heading to the Mountain, as it triggers a howling from deep within.  In early 2016, it was discovered that Scarlett had periodontal disease. Sadly, the remedy was to remove most of her teeth. The procedure took two surgeries and plenty of medication. Scarlett is now, and for the rest of her life, on a soft food diet to which she has no complaints. On the weekends and when weather permits, she likes lounging in the sun with her Basset sister Beulah.  We love Scarlett so much and are so happy to have her as part of our family. She’s the definition of survivor.


With a limited amount of teeth, Scarlett lets it all hang out.

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