Vermont Cider Sampler

Try Something New!

Curious about Vermont Hard Cider? We’ve gone ahead and taken some of our favorites and made a few sampler boxes! With all Vermont products what’s not to love! I know for myself when I walk into a craft beer and wine store it can be overwhelming with all the different bottles cold, warm, on tap, in six packs, 22 ounces and on and on and on and its really helpful, at least to myself, if someone comes over and says “this is my favorite” or “this is really dry”. So this is our way of trying to help make your decision easier! They also make really great gifts, for more information or to order visit our website.

Boyden Valley Glogg

Need Something to Warm You Up?

Itgloggphotobig‘s been such a cold winter this year, Boyden Valley Glogg is sure to warm you up.
Glogg is a mulled spice wine that is great served warm in a mug. I was hesitant
at first to try this, but I’ve been obsessed ever since my first taste. After
getting home from a long cold day I warm a mug and sit and relax. We also
carry many other varieties from Boyden Valley like Big Barn Red, Riverbend Red,
Cowtipper, Cranberry, Gold Leaf and more.
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Citra Mantra Man!

Brand new from Otter Creek!

Citra Mantra is Otter Creek’s new spring offering, with a little lemon zest all I could think of as I was trying my first bottle was SUMMER! Although we might have a few months left of winter this is sure to get you in the mood for some warmer weather! It has a nice crisp clean taste leaving you wanting more! Come grab yourself a bottle or even a six pack.

We have some really great beer and wine gift baskets online and in our store, Citra Montra would make a great addition to any basket!

Citra Mantra

New Long Trail Beers!

Long Trail Farmhouse Ipa

Long Trail’s Farmhouse selections now available at Stowe Mercantile!

Long Trail has surprised as all with a new line of Farmhouse beers and a new face to go with them! Long Trail started a Farmhouse Pilot Brewery to “have a place to play and exercise creative brewer chops”. They have come out with a Farmhouse IPA Sampler pack including a Session, Black Rye, American and White IPA.

They are all really delicious but the one that stands out to me the most is the American IPA, I just cant get enough!

Last November Long Trail also launched their first year-round offering from the Farmhouse Pilot Brewery called Limbo. I have to hand it to them on this one, its GOOD! The name came from a customer e-mailing them after trying some of their other limited offerings from the Farmhouse saying “hope you wont leave me in limbo for long” and the name was born. The packaging is like nothing they have ever done before, with a skeleton leaning against a tree in all black in red it really sticks out against most other beers.

Next time you are in town stop in and grab one to try and for more great beer and wine gifts check out our website!