Stowe Mercantile Employee Pet of the Month: Scarlett



Name: Scarlett                                                                      Age: Approx. 10

Breed: Basset Hound                                                          Hometown: Stowe

Employee Companion: Ronny Stelly

Favorite Playmate: Brady Maynard – Cavalier King Charles


Scarlett and Brady

Scarlett is a rescue dog from Ronny’s hometown of Goliad, Texas. Upon rescue, she was padlocked to a tree and malnourished, weighing only 20 pounds. In addition to being 40 pounds underweight, she had mastitis, heart worms and hook worms. Oh by the way, she’d just given birth to a full litter of pups. The physiological ailments were just as troublesome as the psychological issues. Scarlett was dog aggressive and overly protective of her food, hiding it around the house for the first couple of months. Fast-forward 7 years and you would never think she’s the same dog. Greet Scarlett at any time and you’ve just volunteered yourself for a belly-rubbing session. If you decide belly-rubs aren’t your thing, she’ll be sure to let you know just how wrong you are. Scarlett is deeply interested in the sound of the ambulance heading to the Mountain, as it triggers a howling from deep within.  In early 2016, it was discovered that Scarlett had periodontal disease. Sadly, the remedy was to remove most of her teeth. The procedure took two surgeries and plenty of medication. Scarlett is now, and for the rest of her life, on a soft food diet to which she has no complaints. On the weekends and when weather permits, she likes lounging in the sun with her Basset sister Beulah.  We love Scarlett so much and are so happy to have her as part of our family. She’s the definition of survivor.


With a limited amount of teeth, Scarlett lets it all hang out.

Water: A Big Part of Vermont

This weekend my wife Megan and I spent a short part of the afternoon checking out yet another waterfall in our hometown of Stowe. Having visited both Bingham and Mos Glen Falls, we decided to see what was going on at Sterling Falls Gorge. You can view a video of our visit on our Facebook page. In short, Sterling Falls is worth the trip, but if you’ve visited Bingham and Mos Glen you could be in for a minor disappointment. It’s kind of hard to beat Mos Glen, considering it’s the largest waterfall in Vermont. On the other hand, the hiking is much easier at Sterling which might be better for children and there’s a recreation area for your pets to roam as they please. One unexpected viewing bonus at Sterling is the French, chateau-like, all stone estate to the North of the falls, just off the access road. It’s a private residence so you’ll want to keep some distance, but the view from the road is all you’ll need to revel in its beauty. The best thing about all of these waterfalls is that they’re easily accessed and take only 15 minutes or so to complete…did I mention they’re free? Pack a lunch and some tasty beverages (Lost Nation Vermont Pilsner accompanied us) and you’re set for a nice stroll in the Vermont outdoors. Surrounded by ranges to the East and West of the town, Stowe sits in somewhat of a bowl,  which lends itself to dramatic, geological appeal. As the buyer of craft beer and other beverages at Stowe Mercantile, it’s nice to get out and see, in action, the component that makes up anywhere from 85-98% of these products-water! However beautiful and pristine Vermont’s waterways may seem, the protection of our state’s most valuable resource has recently come under scrutiny in regards to the Lake Champlain water quality. Year after year of unregulated, agricultural runoff by the hundreds of farms that line Lake Champlain have lead to toxic, summer algae blooms. Anyone who lives in Vermont or the thousands that visit know that summer time is not the time for water quality complications. In 2015 the state responded by putting up $16 million dollars in order to improve the lake’s health and overall impact on the economy. Brewers, tourists, and locals alike can find some solace in the fact we’re finally doing something about this unfortunate reality.Until then, our recommendation for the cleanest bodies of water is to seek out those in constant circulation-waterfalls! We can’t wait until it’s actually warm enough to jump in.


Farrell Distributing 2015 Retail Portfolio Show

Yesterday, Denise and I ventured to the Essex Resort & Spa to Farrell Distributing’s 2015 Retail Portfolio Show. As the new beer buyer here at Stowe Mercantile I’m really excited as to what 2015 and the future of beer distributing in Vermont has to offer. These expos are great opportunities to cultivate long-lasting business relationships with individual breweries, wineries, and cider makers. Stowe Mercantile is committed to establishing an alcohol beverage market where an overwhelming amount of the product is sourced locally. With this in mind and our strict time budget, Denise and I figured our time would be best spent at the beer tables and we’re glad we did. The sun was out, a slight breeze was blowing, and the beer exhibitors had prime outdoor real estate. Before the event we decided there to be two things we really needed to pursue; find out who could hold Summer tastings and who had plans to bottle/can in the very near future. (besides the obvious of tasting great beer) We’re happy to report that within the next year, most of the beer that you enjoy at your favorite pub will be available in bottles or cans. My favorite brew pub in Burlington, Zero Gravity, has plans to open their new location on Pine St. next month and are planning to have canning capabilities before the end of the Summer! Matty O from Fiddlehead Brewing in Shelburne, VT. informed us that they are hoping to increase production, but for now we’ll have to join the waiting list…we’ll wait. Their Second Fiddle IPA is one of the better new offerings out there. Another company we’re happy to have run in to is Champlain Orchards out of Shoreham, VT. Dave Bridges, their brand ambassador, stopped by the store last week for a short chat about their new products and when we showed up to their booth he actually remembered my name. These guys are my new favorite cider maker in Vermont. For now, they are the only cider maker in Vermont sourcing all of their apples from the Green Mountain State. Be on the lookout for next month’s release of Champlain Orchard’s Macintosh and Maple. They’re even canning, and you can find it their VT Hard Cider in cans here at Stowe Mercantile. To wrap this up, as beer, wine, cider, and mead enthusiasts, you should be pumped about what we’ll have to offer you in the coming months. A big thanks to Farrell Distributing for inviting us. We hope to see you at our Summer tastings at Stowe Mercantile.

Here is a list of some recent beverage acquisitions we thought you should know about:

Champlain Orchards: VT Hard Cider (16 oz. cans), Cranberry (750ml), and Heirloom (750ml)

14th Star Brewing: A-Dog Ale Brown Ale (16 oz. Cans), Maple Breakfast Stout (16 oz. Cans)

Long Trail Brewing : Triple Bag (aged in oak barrels)

Harpoon Brewing: 100 Barrel Series Braggot Rights (American IPA w/ Wildflower Honey)

Farrells Ronny

Beer Tent